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    Standard Fm 5-102


    US Field Manual mit Bezug auf die "Wallmeister Organisation"

    Mine warfare
    When employing minefields in NATO countries, all provisions of STANAG 2036 must be followed.

    National territorial forces
    In the Central Region, forward of the corps rear boundary, responsibility for denial operations is maintained by the German government through the "Wallmeister" organization. This organization of highly-qualified engineers performs the following functions:

    Control all preplanned obstacles such as prechambered bridges and roads.
    Assist allied engineers in procuring local resources such as lumber and crushed rock.
    Provide special and up-to-date maps of the areas.
    Conduct extensive reconnaissance to locate and record power plants, dams, water points, bridges, and so on.
    German Territorial Forces provide coordination for host nation support to US Army and other allied forces. Their responsibility begins at the corps rear and extends west to the national boundary. Their primary engineer missions include:

    Insuring logistical and engineer support to NATO forces within the scope of national agreements.
    Supporting NATO forces by providing local resources.
    United States Army engineers must make immediate contact with the Wallmeister organization or territorial force commander in the area of operations.

    Virtually every NATO nation has organizations similar to the German Territorial Forces. United States Army engineers must be familiar with local organizations and foster close working relationships prior to the outbreak of hostilities.

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    Hallo zusammen,

    siehe hierzu auch das Field Manual 5-34 - Engineer Field Data von 1987 (,
    insbesondere Chapter 3 Countermobility ( und
    Chapter 6 Demolitions (

    Gruß aus der Pfalz

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